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Henri Merreaux



As a tribute to my great-grandfather who founded our house, this new wine is made with carefully selected grapes from low-yield vines that are over 40 years old.
We pay particular attention to its vinification and ageing in oak barrels.
We have honed the blending exercise – Solera, or fractional blending – to create the perfect champagne from our selected wines.
This method lets the old wine educate the younger wines, as the adepts say.  It also maintains a style, a sort of common thread, while increasing the aromatic complexity.
The bouquet is complex and intense. The lightly candied citrus fruit gives way to vanilla aromas, leading on to honey and gingerbread.
Its full-bodied flavour releases its secrets of gourmet aromas, and the finish is remarkably fresh.  The delicious aromas evolve as they hit the palate, leaving you with an impression of complete satisfaction.

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100% Chardonnay.

Terroir: Monts de Berru.
Single vineyard selection of old vines (40 years or more)
Solera style ageing (Perpetual Reserve)
Vinification and ageing in barrels
Aged in the cellars for at least 60 months.

Food pairing

It is an ideal accompaniment to exquisite, delicate, structured and bold dishes such as truffles on toast, scallops, pan-fried foie gras or turbot. Cuvée Henri MERREAUX is a perfect balance of strength and delicacy. Leave it to rest in the cellar and it will reward you with its delicious flavours.

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