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Club 1911 Fine de Champagne



The Club 1911 brandy is produced for us by the Jean Goyard distillery.
This smooth, delicate Eau de Vie (regulated designation of origin) is obtained by traditional distillation of wines produced exclusively from the Champagne vineyards.

Did you know? Fine de la Marne is to Champagne what Cognac is to the Charentes and Armagnac to Gascony.

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It spends many years in the cellars perfecting its aromas, acquiring its maturity and lovely amber colour as it ages in oak barrels in the distillery’s ancient wine stores on the banks of the Marne River.

Food pairing

On the palate, it reveals delicate floral and vanilla flavours. Mild and smooth, its subtle bouquet will enhance any culinary preparation, both savoury and sweet.

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