A Family, a Terroir, a Passion

Our vineyard

All our vineyards and buildings are in the Montagne de Reims area, in Nogent L’Abbesse, which combines the villages of Nogent L’Abbesse, Cernay-lès-Reims and Berru, at the foot of the Mont de Berru.

Nogent L’Abbesse is a little French village in the Marne department, 10 km from Reims, surrounded by prestigious vines and prosperous farmland.

Our vineyard covers an area of about 4 hectares and is planted entirely with Chardonnay. It was first planted by my great grandfather, Henri.

The terroir is a deep layer of chalk, which brings out the Chardonnay’s wonderful flavours.

Our house makes a point of harvesting only the best quality grapes to produce an exceptional champagne.

Champagne Gabriel Merreaux