A Family, a Terroir, a Passion

A family history

We have been passing on our values and expertise for over 70 years now, to offer you a champagne of exceptional quality.

Our MERREAUX adventure began in 1949.

Expertise and a great love of vines have been passed down from my great grandfather, to my grandfather and grandmother, and now to me, Christine, and my husband Paul.

In this spirit of continuity, I, the great granddaughter of the House, maintain the traditions.

We are committed to respecting the environment on a daily basis, and in recognition, we have recently been awarded “Viticulture Durable en Champagne” (sustainable viticulture in Champagne) and “High Environmental Value” certification.

Although our house is firmly rooted in family tradition, we also keep up to date with the latest technological, economic and environmental developments.

It is in this spirit that we work the land with the help of the best champagne professionals.

Champagne Gabriel Merreaux